ISLA ESPIRITUS ! One of Baja California’s most impressive natural treasures! Includes snorkelling with sea lions!

This day-long excursion starts with a one-hour boat ride to Isla Espíritu Santo, an archipelago north of La Paz consisting of five small islands and one large main island. With its stunning volcanic rock formations and deserted beaches, this UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve seems like a place from another world. Isla Espíritu is home to an astonishingly rich variety of birds and sea creatures. Around the island, you’re likely to spot rays, turtles, sharks and dolphins, as well as pelicans, herons and vultures—to name just a few. You’ll also have a chance to snorkel near a colony of sea lions and meet these remarkable creatures up close!

And, last but not least, you’ll get to eat the best ceviche in town on a pristine white-sand beach!