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One of Baja California’s most impressive natural treasures - and the chance to snorkel with sea lions

This day-long excursion starts with a one-hour boat ride to Isla Espíritu Santo, a six-island archipelago north of La Paz. With its stunning volcanic rock formations and deserted beaches, this UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve seems otherworldly. Isla Espíritu is home to an astonishingly rich variety of birds and sea creatures. Around the island, you’re likely to spot rays, turtles, sharks and dolphins, as well as pelicans, herons and vultures. Snorkel near a colony of sea lions for a chance to meet these playful creatures, and afterwards Emmanuel's best homemade ceviche right on the beach, not far from where it was caught.

8-hour flexible private tours $125 USD/ person*

*all prices are based on a group of 4 persons. If less, price to be adjust  


Gentle giants offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity


La Paz is one of the few remaining places to see whale sharks, the largest living fish in the world, which can reach lengths of 50 feet or more. With its distinctive white spots and dorsal fins, it can’t be missed! On this excursion you’ll have a chance to swim right beside a whale shark. As filter feeders, they are harmless to humans and might even let you catch a ride. And the best of all , it is less then 15 minutes boat ride

Protected natural area fees included

4-hour private tour starts at $80 USD/ per person*


Explore Baja Sur's pueblo magico and a prime spot for waves

50 miles outside La Paz lies the charming village of Todos Santos, a tiny oasis in the midst of the stark desert landscape.

As you explore its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, artisan shops and organic food offerings, you’ll soon see why Todos Santos has been designated a pueblo mágico.


On the afternoon return trip, we'll make a stop at Los Cerritos, a white sand beach with beautiful Pacific views and some of the best surfing on the Baja Peninsula

8-hour flexible tour from $100 USD / per person



Sandboarding is a unique and accessible sport that is new for many, even boarders. Whether you're already a snowboarder or have never experimented, then come shred the sand in Baja.  Alternate canyon and sea views sandboarding in the dunes of El Mogote, including transportation, initiation, board rental and drinks). To get to the dunes, we will discover unique and stunning scenery in a shot road trip to San Juan de La Costa. A treasure well hidden. 


Discover the dunes of Baja Sur and enjoy magnificent views of La Paz! And a little extra, just on the other side, a deserted beach to refresh you. 

Board rental, water and soft drink included

​4-hour private tour from $50 USD / per person* 

Saddle up for a taste of the ranchero lifestyle

25 miles from La Paz is Rancho El Cajón, a Mexican ranch offering horse-back riding. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a first-timer, the guides will find the perfect horse and trail for you. From a relaxing ride along the beach to a more challenging excursion through the mountains, this is an experience not to be missed! 

4-hour tour from $45 USD / per person*  



This 90-minute walk through  the heart of La Paz invites you to discover 15 murals, made by artists from around Mexico. Each painting gives rich cultural context to different eras of history in the region. Common themes intersect the plights of folk heroes, fishermen, rancheros, conservationists and the  First Nations of the Peninsula who created the region's first murals in prehistoric rock paintings  hidden in ancient volcanic caves. True mirrors of society's fabric, these murals allow you to touch the heart of Southern California culture.

2-hour tour from $25 USD / per person


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The Sea of ​​Cortez is considered the largest aquarium in the world, according to Jacques Cousteau. You will have the chance to swim with the sea lions in San Rafaelito, then afterwards among multicolored corals and tropical fish. A guide will be with you and we will provide snorkel and wetsuit. We like to stop for a ceviche lunch on our favorite boat-in only beach before stopping at our last few snorkel spots for the day. This excursion is accessible to all because it is done in very shallow water.

4-5 hour flexible private tour from $90 USD / per person*